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dave thompson 30/06/2021

LED Supply & Fit Team: Dave Thompson

Dave Thompson joined the company in September 2017 and is our Operations Manager. His daily role includes processing orders, managing stock control, ordering stock and being a major point of contact for our customers. If you call the office, it’s highly likely that you will speak with Dave. Dave says: “I’m really enjoying my time here, it’s enabling me to fulfil my career aspirations while working with a great team of people. I’ve watched the company evolve to become a major LED supplier, expanding exponentially and I’m proud to have... Read More

LED lights 18/05/2021

The Benefits of LED Lights in the Workplace

Why LED lights? Reduce the amount your business spends on energy by switching from old fluorescent, halogen, high-pressure sodium, and incandescent lighting to LED fittings and lamps. Here are some of the reasons that LEDs are a great option in the workplace! Long Life Average LED lights last around 50,000 hours, whereas a 15-watt fluorescent bulb may only last around 8,500 hours – so the average LED can last around 5 times longer than a normal bulb. This results in lower maintenance costs in both labour and replacement parts. This... Read More

steph lane 04/05/2021

LED Supply & Fit team: Steph Lane

Steph joined the company in July 2017 and is one of our directors, overseeing the day to day operations of the business. Steph works from the office, managing staff and teams, reviewing, developing and promoting the success of the business, and describes herself as ‘a networker and negotiator’. Her first job was washing hair and making brews for the customers at a local hair salon, before moving on to a career in sales. After leaving school she became as travel consultant (something she still finds time to do, despite a... Read More

LED Supply & Fit Team 31/03/2021

LED Supply & Fit team: Amy Lowes

Let’s introduce the LED Supply & Fit team… Amy joined us in October 2020 as an Apprentice Digital Marketer, tasked with helping to run our social media and email marketing, along with numerous office tasks. She’s already made a great impact on our operations and has helped to streamline our sales process, too. Amy works in a pub on weekends (usually, ah Covid!) which was her first real job and is probably responsible for her excellent customer service skills and telephone manner! If you’ve called the office, it’s likely that... Read More


LED Installation

LED lights are a popular upgrade, especially in commercial properties. They are versatile and can be used in multiple ways, such as under counters and display units, behind TVs and around picture frames. But they are also useful for lighting busy production or industrial areas. LEDs emit far less heat while in use, compared to traditional bulbs and as such, use less electricity. They last longer than other types of bulbs such as halogen, meaning that energy bills are lower each month. They don’t require replacing as often either which... Read More


The future is bright for LED Supply & Fit

Founded in 2014, Aycliffe Business Park’s LED Supply & Fit has seen huge growth in the last 24 months and shows no sign of slowing down! While it has undoubtedly been a turbulent year for many businesses, LED Supply & Fit has seen web sales increase 84 per cent year on year from 2018 to 2019 and a further 43 percent from 2019 to 2020 – despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. This growth has prompted a move to larger premises in September 2020 and recruitment, too – adding two new... Read More